Proof of herbs having anti-cancer properties

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Proof of herbs having anti-cancer properties

Recent official western medicine studies clearly demonstrated that natural products, such as certain  mushrooms, have anti-cancer effect., killing or suppressing cancer cells.  Chinese herbal medicine frequently uses different mushrooms as part of the therapeutic regimen.  For many years the scientific community ignored this and actually labeled Chinese herbs as being nothing but “snake oil”, form of useless quackery.  New studies sponsored by major pharmaceutical companies, and conducted by major hospitals, prove that the Chinese had it right to begin with.

Many life-saving drugs came from plants and trees to begin with but this was ignored when the chemists learned how to make similar drugs in a laboratory, and to make bigger profits with those synthetic drugs.  Remember: malaria was cured by quinine which came from bark of a tree, congestive heart disease was first treated by digitalis which was came from a flowering plant called foxglove, and penicillin came from a mold in spider’s web (which is why in 1600s battle wounds were treated by mixing spider’s web with wet bread, all mixed together and rolled into a ball which was applied to the wound).

This is a link to one of recent studies on cancer treatment with mushroom preparations:

Recent studies



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