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Physical therapy is nothing else but physical medicine and is called “physical therapy” when it is practiced by non-physicians. Because physical therapists have no medical degrees, no equivalent medical training, they cannot use the words “physical medicine”. In our facility these treatments are performed under supervision and license of a medical doctor, who is a physical medicine & rehabilitation specialist. Therefore we do not call ourselves physical therapists and we do not call our office as a physical therapy facility, we perform physical medicine modalities for treatment of virtually all musculoskeletal disorders and some neurological disorders.exercise room Some of modalities we provide are:

  • traction
  • ultrasound
  • diathermy
  • therapeutic exercise
  • therapeutic activities
  • neuromuscular re-education.

In this general area we specialize in providing services to patients who sustained personal injuries in auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, work place (workers compensation) injuries. We are approved by US Labor Department to treat all federal employees, such as postal service, agricultural department, and many other employees.

In addition to western medicine methods of physical medicine I can use all natural methods such as acupuncture and Chinese herbs.
For those who are afraid of needles, I use non-needle techniques such as acupressure, laser therapy, cupping, moxa, Tuina.

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