Famous athletes who use acupuncture

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Famous athletes who use acupuncture

1) Kobe Bryant – On January 4th, 2013, the NBA superstar took to twitter and posted a picture of his leg with acupuncture needles in it. 

2)Mickael Pietrus. This famous NBA player received treatment at the Shaolin Temple in China.

3) Ray Emery – The Chicago Blackhawk  used acupuncture to help in his long recovery process after  surgery in 2010.

4) Kim Clijsters – On 8/27/10, the Associated Press reported that the former No. 1 ranked tennis player, used acupuncture to help her hip problem which had troubled her on the court. The Belgian tennis player went on to have an amazing winning streak at the U.S. Open.

5) Jason Hammel – When the Denver Rockies pitcher’s arm was feeling dead and he was suffering from a lack of energy. His wife suggested (insisted on?) acupuncture, clearly a smart woman. He was very pleased with the results. “My wife suggested that I try acupuncture and I was like, ‘Come on.’ But I was astonished.” 

6) DeeDee Trotter – This Olympic medalist is a huge advocate for acupuncture. She even had her hometown acupuncturist accompany her to London for the Olympic games.

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