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Our Valuable Team Members

Jadranka Perl

<strong>Jadranka Perl</strong>
<strong>Jadranka Perl</strong>M.A. and Diplomate of Oriental MedicineCertified Sports Medicine Ac. SpecialistLicensed Internal Medicine Ac. & Chinese Herbs SpecialistCertified Facial Rejuvenation AcupuncturistCertified Facial Neuromuscular Disorders Acupuncturist
Jadranka Perl is licensed by the Board of Medicine in Massachusetts and the Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline in Rhode Island. Additionally she holds certification in Sports Medicine Acupuncture in MA and RI. She is one of only seven certified Sports Medicine Acupuncturists in the entire state of Massachusetts, and the only one in the entire state of Rhode Island.
In April 2014 she became doctor on staff at Women & Infants Hospital of RI, where she was treating primarily patients with various cancers.

She holds a certification for Traditional Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation and is certified also in Energy Light Rejuvenation which is the future of skin care derived from ancient healing tradition. ELR is where holistic therapy goes high tech, it can replace needles for every one who is needle sensitive.

In our office we offer no-needle treatments for children and sensitive adults. Jadranka Perl, Licensed Acupunturist Chinese herbalist, Master of Oriental Medicine, (RI) Doctor of Acupuncture, is a graduate of the oldest and most prestigious school of acupuncture and oriental medicine in the USA – New England School of Acupuncture, with Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. She did her internships at NESA clinics and Dimock Clinic, assisted in the largest private acupuncture clinics in Rhode Island and her residency was in the biggest and most prestigious holistic clinic in Europe – Institute Bion (Medin) where she treated very severe problems such as Alzheimer, MS, Parkinson’s and cancer related problems. Because of her varied skills she was featured on several TV channels and had many press interviews, articles about her were published in some of the biggest European magazines.

aaaShe is licensed currently in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, nationally certified by NCCAOM and is also approved by US Labor Department as a participating provider for all US Labor Department programs of workers’ compensation (FECA – including US Postal Service workers, Black Lung, Energy Dept.). She participates in and accepts several other insurance plans such as certain Blue Cross Plans, and all auto accident insurance plans and all Workers’ Compensation cases.
She also treats animals.

Additionally she is licensed as Medical Qi Gong teacher and healer, Reiki I and II healer, Pang Gu Qi Gong teacher and healer, Tong Ren healer, and (EU only) Hata Yoga teacher.

She also has degrees in education and music, was a composer and a conductor of Orff chamber orchestra and choir. She did extensive therapeutic work with autistic and ADHD children.  She worked several years at a major European ZOO, and now owns 3 Great Danes who also benefit from acupuncture treatments.

She is an ardent traveler, back packer. Among other places she trekked through deserts of South America and lived for several months with native South American tribes (Aymara and Ketchua Indians – former Inca rulers), sharing their homes and daily lives.

She is fluent in several languages including Slovene, Croatian, Serbian, and knows some Italian.

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